Tile & Stone Cleaning & Polishing: Do’s & Don’ts

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Are you considering how to clean your tile and stone floors? Do you need to eliminate all the surface stains without causing any damage to the floor? There are a variety of cleaning products on the market, and it’s easy to choose the wrong one. Even if you find the proper cleaner, cleaning stone or grout over a large area is daunting. Improper cleaners can result in significant damage to your tiles and countertop. Moreover, there are also several DIY techniques on the internet, yet some might end up doing more harm than good. Professional tile and stone cleaners know better know how to keep your floors and countertops clean and protected. 

In this article, let’s check what experts say about the do’s and don’ts of tile and stone cleaning and polishing to retain their shine and extend their life.

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The Do’s Of Tile & Stone Cleaning

When getting started with tile and stone cleaning, there are some things to care of and follow: 

Figure out if your floor is natural stone or man-made tile

Usually, the easiest way, if you don’t know, is to see if there is a repeat pattern on your floors. For natural stone tiles, no two tiles will be exactly alike. Man-made tiles will be more pattern-driven.  


Find the right cleaner for your floors

Stone floors need specific cleaners that are “stone safe.” They must be non-acidic. Man-made tiles can be more forgiving and can handle more variety of cleaners.


Wipe with a gentle cleaning substance

When you begin cleaning a stone and tile surface, you consider the kind of chemical solution that is safe to use. So, the only thing is to use warm or room temperature water, a soft or smooth cloth, and appropriate/ safe cleaners for your floors.

Clean up any spill immediately

It is sometimes unavoidable that a mess or spill may occur. Fluids such as liquids, sauces, oils, and food spills may leave stains on grout or stone floors. Natural stone is an absorbent and porous substance that is sensitive to acidic spills. To minimize permanent damage and stains on your stone countertops, you must remove the stain promptly. However, even with sealed stone floors, acidic spills ( like soda, vinegar, teas, lemon juice, ammoniated cleaners, etc.) can damage the shine immediately.

Vacuum floors often

Removing dry soil is an important and the most effective way to keep floors clean. Use a soft brush vacuum so as to not damage the surface.

Always be careful about choosing the right tile and stone cleaner. Be careful to avoid products that add shine to any floors. They are actually wax that will be difficult to remove!!

To maintain the overall appearance and shine of your tile and countertop, avoid using strong chemicals and detergents since they may cause considerable damage and disintegration over time.

Best practices for washing floors

Many people will use a mop and bucket to clean floors which is the quickest way to resoil the grout lines (even if sealed) best practice after vacuuming is to spray appropriate cleaner and agitate with a brush (in the dirtiest areas) and use a swifter with a clean microfiber pad or a steam mop to wipe the cleaner and dirt off.

Use coasters and placemats

Put in the effort on a personal level to avoid stains. Coasters and placemats are perfect for protecting stone countertops from items that may stain.

Prevent cosmetics and perfumes from coming into contact with stone surfaces

Cosmetics and scents may leave microscopic particles on your stone countertops, disturbing the stone’s natural layer and causing abrasive stains and discoloration.

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Take the help of expert and professional tile cleaners

Compared to other surfaces, tile flooring normally requires the least upkeep. However, poor or irregular cleaning chemicals may cause them to lose their shine over time. Without frequent cleaning, your tiles may become dull, causing them to lose part of their charm and aesthetic appeal. Hence, taking the help of expert tile and stone cleaners like Silver Olas can help you retain the shine of your tile.

Use neither a sponge nor a string mop

Using anything other than a microfibre pad on your floor might cause harm. Therefore, avoid string mops, sponges, and wiring. Microfiber pads are made to be mild on flooring, so you need not worry about scratches. You should not scrub or wipe the floor polish with the pad. Simple wiping is the optimal method.

Consider applying sealant

Sealing tiles and grout reduces porosity and maintains tile surfaces, leaving them more immune to dust, spills, stains, and regular wear and tear. As its name indicates, a sealant stops fluids and foreign objects from penetrating your tiles and grout by sealing these porous spaces. Also, consider stone sealing.

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The Don’ts Of Tile & Stone Cleaning

Here are some don’ts of tile and stone cleaning to keep in mind.

Avoid putting hot objects or materials on stone countertops

Avoid placing very hot objects on stone countertops. Even though real stone and marble are known to be sturdy and resilient, there are limits to the amount of damage they can sustain and still remain aesthetically beautiful and usable. A few stone countertops are meant to withstand heat, although they are not completely heatproof. Therefore, prolonged and consistent exposure to excessive heat may cause discoloration or fractures in natural stone materials.

Never leave water or moisture on the tile for an extended period

Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments. Once mold develops on a tiny portion of a surface, it rapidly spreads over the whole surface. Mold and mildew emit a foul stench and can trigger respiratory issues and eye diseases. 

You must promptly remove the mold when you discover a blackish-green film on your ceramic tiles. Wipe away the residue using a clean cloth, and then clean the surface using an appropriate ceramic tile cleaner. Additionally, ensure that the surface is completely dry.

Avoid using any sharp objects on your countertop

Stone cutting is a common mishap during everyday activities, especially cooking. Therefore, knives and other sharp items may cause scratches and dents on your stone countertops.

Some other don’ts include:

    • Avoid using vinegar, lemon juice, and other acid-based cleansers on marble and limestone surfaces.
    • Do not use acid-based cleaners such as bathroom, grout, or tub and tile cleaners.
    • Never combine chemicals unless expressly instructed to do so in the instructions.
    • Never use outdated vacuum cleaners. The plastic or metal connectors or wheels might harm the stone’s surface.

Reasons To Choose Professional Tile Cleaning and Polishing Services

Whenever it comes to do-it-yourself tile cleaning, you might spend a great deal of money on solutions, tools, and equipment, only to be dissatisfied with the outcomes. With professional tile cleaning, the expert will provide according to your requirement.

Many people believe that cleaning their tile floors alone is sufficient. However, there are procedures you cannot do and a degree of cleanliness you cannot reach if you aren’t a professional. Food particles, debris, and filth are eliminated whenever your tiles are routinely cleaned, leaving the tile surface clean. Your tiles are unclean and discolored because you’ve not employed a professional cleaning service. 

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