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Tile Cleaning, Stone Renovation, Stone Cleaning and Sealing

Tile can be a beautiful addition to any home, regardless of what surface it happened to be laid on. It adds a certain type of depth and character to a room that other types of flooring may not be able to pull off. Indeed, there is something rustic yet elegant about a space that has a floor or countertop covered in perfectly patterned shapes linked together by an outer boundary.

Of course, there is a downside to such beauty. Tiles need extra special care to keep them looking clean and refined. Whether your tiles are made from stone, travertine, marble, or terrazzo, an arrangement of tiles that are properly cleaned and sealed can make a world of difference in maintenance, but the way they look to you and your guests.

We know how important great looking floor tiles can be. We also know that cleaning these kinds of floors and countertops is definitely not a “Easy” job. Stone cleaning is a different animal than travertine cleaning. There’s a difference between countertop cleaning and shower sealing. That is why we offer a wide array of cleaning services to expertly handle your needs precisely how you need them handled. 

Tile Cleaning Services

While tile flooring can typically require a minimal amount of maintenance in comparison to other surfaces, improper or irregular cleaning chemicals can allow them to lose their luster over time. This is true across the board: stone; ceramic; travertine; marble. Without a good periodic cleaning, your tiles could fall into a dingy state of appearance, which could ultimately mean that they lose some of their beauty and aesthetic effectiveness. Our team has the know-how and the top of the line tools in order to ensure that the tile cleaning process is matched for each type of tile to clean it as thoroughly as possible. What’s more, they do know the subtle differences between stone cleaning and travertine cleaning or floor cleaning and counter top cleaning, meaning that the cleaning process behind each tile is handled as uniquely as possible. Under the guidance of their painstaking, expert care, your tiles will be fully restored to their original beauty; a sight that made you fall in love with them to begin with. 

Stone Polishing and Restoration

There is a huge difference between a stone surface that is merely clean and a stone tile surface that shines with beauty with no visible wear patterns. While a clean stone surface will make your floor or countertop look healthy, a set of stone tiles that are properly polished will practically spring to life with its own beauty, thus bringing a deeper sense of refinement into your home. We understand this importance, which is our team carries a wide series of fine polishing tools and equipment to ensure that your stones are polished in a way that maximizes their gorgeous qualities. From honed techniques designed to improve a stone’s glossy appearance to acid-washed methods designed to highlight a stone’s organic imperfections, we will make sure your stones look exactly the way you want them to look.

Grout Cleaning

Even if you have the cleanest tiles in the world, all it takes is a few lines of dirty grout to undo all of their beauty. Indeed, if those gaps in between the tiles are dingy, it can bring the rest of the floor our counter top’s elegance down in a big way. We know how serious this can be, so we treat it with the amount of seriousness it deserves. We use the latest equipment and years of experience to dive deep in between the tiles, making sure the grout looks just as fresh and clean as the rest of the surface. 


Not only do you want your tiles to look clean, you want them to stay clean as much as possible. That’s why sealing is so important; it preserves the look of elegant cleanliness for a longer period of time. From grout sealing to travertine sealing and all surfaces and tiles in between, our team has the skills and the resources to make this important part of the tile cleaning process as effective as possible. 

The Importance of Clean Shower Tile

It’s obvious that a good, clean tile floor or stone surface will set a lovely aesthetic tone for you and your house guests to enjoy. However, we know that there is one area in the house that, while much more personal, is arguably the most important surface of your home: The shower.

Making sure your shower tile is clean is extremely important. It goes beyond making sure it looks pretty. Because of a shower’s constant exposure to water, dirt, and the chemicals that are inside shampoos, cosmetics, and household cleaning supplies, its tiles and grout can become a haven for germs and bacteria to thrive. As a result, a shower that isn’t properly cleaned and sealed could be a potential threat to a person’s overall health. This aspect of tile cleanliness is important to us, which is why our processes go the extra mile in order to ensure that the shower cleaning and sealing services that we offer is done with thorough efficiency. 

Silver Olas Is Here To Serve You

On the surface, our team is here to help get your tiles and surfaces clean, from the stone tile you have in the living room to the travertine sealing you have in the kitchen. However, we offer a little more than just a promise of clean tiles. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a fantastic experience from the initial telephone call from the final stone polishing. While our top of the line equipment and efficient practices serve to make your floors, counter tops, and other surfaces look good, it is also just as important that we make you feel good about what your tiles look like along the way.

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