How Often Should I Seal my Tile or Stone Showers?

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To keep your shower looking its best, it’s important that you practice proper maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning, you have to be sure to seal your tile or stone shower to prevent damage.

Why Sealing Stone Showers is Important

When properly cared for, stone showers can last for decades. However, that will only happen if you take care of it, and part of that process includes sealing the stone.

Stone is porous, which means it has tiny holes and crevices across its surface. When water comes in contact with stone’s surface, it can penetrate it via these imperfections. This can lead to erosion or the development of mold and mildew.

To prevent this damage from occurring, you need to apply a sealer. This clear coating will seal the stone so that water doesn’t actually make contact. Instead, it beads up and rolls away.

When it comes to tile, you apply sealer for similar reasons. In this case, it’s typically the grout that is susceptible to damage, though there are also porous tiles that need protection too.

How Often to Seal Your Shower

Many sealers come with a lifespan of about three to four years. However, the stresses of a shower, including running water, shampoos, and soaps, cause sealers to break down faster, so a good rule of thumb is to reseal every two to three years. 

If your shower sees heavy use, it would be a smart idea to ask a professional to take a look. In these cases, you may need a sealing treatment every one to two years. 

How to Maintain Tile and Stone Showers

There are a few steps you can take to help extend the life of your sealer. The most important is to eliminate moisture contact as soon as possible. An easy way to do this is to keep a squeegee in your shower. When you’re done bathing, quickly pass it over your tile or stone to remove water. Another thing you can do is use your bath towel to dry your shower before you toss the towel in the washer.

Maintaining a clean shower will prevent dirt, stains, and soap scum from setting in, but if you don’t use the right cleaner, you may cause premature deterioration of your sealer. Instead of cleaners with harsh chemicals, try a pH-balanced formula that’s designed for stone and tile. If you prefer DIY cleaners, avoid using vinegar as it can strip your stone’s finish.

When to Call a Professional

Home improvement stores sell tile and stone sealers so that DIYers can maintain their own showers. While these products are typically effective, you can guarantee that the job’s done right by hiring a professional.

The experts at Silver Olas can help you with all your tile and stone needs, from sealing to restoration. When you contact a pro like Silver Olas, you’ll enjoy years of experience to ensure proper sealing. If your stone is already damaged or you’re facing any other issue, an expert is right there to tell you what to do next.

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