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emergency flood restoration by Silver Olas Carpet and Flood

Emergency Flood Restoration

Once the flood has occurred, there’s little to do but clean up from the damage, and our flood restoration services include not only removing any remaining water, but also rapidly drying all of your floors to keep additional damage from occurring. We’ll even deodorize and disinfect to keep mold problems from occurring.

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As the owner of any home knows, disaster is always liable to strike. It is something you see on the news often or heard if from your neighbors,  but never imagine will happen to you. But when it does strike, water damage such as Wet drywall,  wet cabinets, wet carpets, and water on wood floors and wet laminate floors of your home, the results can break your heart, not to mention a huge hassle( dealing with insurance company, long process of reconstruction. That’s why it is important, in those precious hours just after an emergency, to have a qualified, Water Damage professional on call ,24-7  ,  —especially one who can work with your insurance company—to handle Drying flood damage ,repairs and water damage restoration. After all, this is not just a house we are talking about, it is your home.

If you are located in the San Diego County area, from  a Water damage in Oceanside ,Water Damage Carmel Valley, Escondido Water Damage to Poway water damage, Silver Olas is your best option for Emergency Water damage repair. Not only can they work with and bill all insurance company, they give free in home estimates, ensuring a fast response with proven results, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The family owned cleaning company is local San diego, with a reputation as the area’s top water damage restoration service. If you are looking for a professional, with latest technology in the industry, search no further: Silver Olas is only a phone call away. Some company will do unnecessary work to increase the amount they can charge the insurance company. Silver Olas Flood damage company will only do what is necessary to do . We will get it dry fast to stop any potential Mold damage. We can dry and save carpet , wood ( many times) cabinets, drywall, and more.View our Place Page on google.

Recovering from Flood Damage In San Diego

Water Damage is one of the most common threats to any home or building. In literally a flash, a leaking pipe, heavy rainwater, toilet overflowwashing machine flooddishwasher leak , or a flood can do thousands of dollars in water damage in just a couple of minutes., completely destroying years of care and hard work. While the effects of a flood can be devastating, there is much in a home that a trained professional can save, at an affordable rate. The most important thing to remember is that you still have options, but must act quickly. Get a Free home inspection and estimate when you call Silver Olas Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning 760-753-0969  or 866-fix-flood

If you find yourself the victim of a Flood Emergency, your first step is to turn off the water where the leak began, or try to stop the flow of water from ruining the house. Grab and collect any items that may have been damaged from the flood. This includes any clothing, furniture, electronics, computers—anything that might cover the floor surface and prevent the moisture from drying. You can use towels to slow down the water and keep away from new areas that are not yet damaged. Then call Silver Olas.at 760-753-0969 They will give a free in home estimate, and put their technology to work solving your problems. At their disposal is the thermal imaging camera which has the ability to look into walls to find hidden moisture that otherwise would escape even the most well-trained eye.

After you make the choice to go with Silver Olas for your cleaning services, they will begin the water extraction process and prevent the moisture from spreading even further that it has. With the careful placement of drying fansdehumidifiers, and heat dryers, the area will clean and dry quickly and efficiently. And not all drying fans are created equal. Silver Olas uses a 360o that pumps air at over 40 miles per hour, to dry a surface in minutes. They can make your home moisture free quickly, and eradicate the possibility of dangerous mold growing in the walls and carpet.

Immediate Flood Response

But it is not just the water removal technology that you should trust. A simple Google search will pull up dozens of similar cleaners. What sets Silver Olas apart is Silver Olas’s record of impeccable service in wood Cleaning, stone, tile cleaning, and carpet cleaning. When you call Silver Olas, you will not have to listen to a prerecorded message before you can talk a professional cleaner on the Silver Olas staff. A flood damage restoration expert will answer your call, listen to your problem, and immediately send out the appropriate response experts to your home or business within an hour.

When Silver Olas arrives, feel free to step back at let the professionals take charge. You won’t have to worry that they are doing the job right: all Silver Olas jobs come with a 30 day guarantee. If something isn’t right, they will make it right, until you are satisfied.

Finding the Right Restoration Professionals

After a flood, you need to be certain that the job will be done correctly, and thoroughly. What good is a tile and grout cleaning service when they can’t do drywall. What good will it do you spending good time and money for a carpet drying service if they can’t do your cabinets too? Don’t settle for those who fall short of perfection when it comes to saving your home from permanent damage. Choose the professional that can take on the whole job, and do it right the first time. License #967451

Silver Olas will take on the whole job. As a licensed contractor (lic#967451), the service can repair all things concerning damaged building materials. They have the ability to provide expert service in drywall patching and painting , floor covering, including wood, laminate, carpet, cabinet repair or replacement, and even baseboard replacement. These are complicated procedures that should only be left to trained professionals that you can trust.

The truth is, any company can claim to be Water Damage professionals, but with Silver Olas, you will be able to see that it truly IS a professional service. All staff members are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration technicians, which means that they are a dedicated team, held to the highest standards of their industry. Silver Olas offers ongoing training for their employees as well. At Silver Olas, there is no limit to the level of achievement we can reach.  

In the end, there is no question to which cleaning and restoration service you should choose to put your trust in. Not only are they an experienced, authoritative, and dedicated team of damage repair professionals, they offer friendly, expert-level service. There is no complicated haggling with insurance companies, with a simple call to their 800 number, you are immediately talking to someone who knows their field and is concerned with the well-being of you, your family, and the place you care about most, your home.

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Silver Olas Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning

Silver Olas is a leading carpet cleaning specialists. Understanding that your entire family comes in contact with your home’s carpet, it’s dedicated to providing a deep and thorough clean.

For the best carpet cleaning services, trust Silver Olas’ highly trained and qualified specialists. Our exceptional carpet cleaning services deliver the deepest, greenest clean possible for individuals and businesses in the area. Because we are a locally owned and operated business, our clientele are our neighbors, family, and friends. We’ll always go out of our way to help you maintain your home clean and healthy. 

Cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or cause damage to your carpet. Instead it can be quite easy by simply calling Silver Olas. 

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