A Quick Guide to Wood Floor Cleaning

wood floor cleaning and polishing

Wood floors offer a classic look to any home. There are so many different options available today, but all of them come with one caveat: the need for a different kind of clean. So how do you start with cleaning your wood floor? Is oiled wood floor cleaning a different process? Don’t worry – these tips can help you get through your first wood floor cleaning.brooklyn nyc original jersey  bershka zenske kozne jakne cijena  שמיכות צמר ורדינון  nike sneaker türkis  barbie ház fából  ceyo cocuk ayakkabi  nike עודפים זכרון יעקב  gångjärn för utomhusbruk  biglie con ciclisti  conan exiles ps4  modifica per giochi 3ds  bluedio u2  s85956 adidas  red leather shirt  elac debut s10 2 subwoofer review 

Before You Begin:

Before you even start to clean your floors, they need to be clean. This is the time to dust your baseboards, to sweep up the cereal hiding under the couch, or to just make sure there’s nothing on your floor that could get in the way of cleaning. Think of this cleaning like cleaning your room- you might not be mopping the floor yet, but you still have to get all of the paper crumbs out from under your desk. For this job, you can use either a vacuum or a broom and dustpan, but with a vacuum, you need to be careful- carpet-beaters and brush rolls can mess up the finish on your floors. This process applies during oiled wood floor cleaning and during any other type of wood floor cleaning. Ensuring you have every little piece is an absolute necessity.

Wood Floor Cleaning Products

Even with soap and water, there are dozens of cleaning products out there on the market. How do you know you’re getting the right one, and, moreover, how do you know that the one you’re buying won’t mess up your floors? Well, there’s an easy way to double-check this. Check with your floor finisher or the company that made the finish for your floor. They may have a particular product they recommend. If they don’t, you’re going to want to go with the standard – soap and water.

A Traditional Wood Floor Cleaning Method: Soap and Water

The best remedy for any cleaning you need to do is always just simple soap and simple water. Choose distilled water, tap water, or even spring water. But if you use too much, you might damage your floors- so make sure your mop is just damp instead of soaking wet. Allowing excess water will cause unsightly white stains across your wax and potentially ruin your floors. But a cloth or mop that’s damp with a bit of soap is always going to be the best way to tackle wood floor cleaning.

It’s important to take good care of your floors! While professional floor cleaners can ensure you get that perfectly clean, it’s also important to be able to complete regular cleaning in between those professional visits!

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