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Look Forward To A Cleaner Wood Floor

Wood floors can make any home look amazing. The envy of almost any homeowner, wood floors have become nothing short of an essential whether traditional hardwood or laminate, but ensuring they look great over the years is no easy task. Silver Olas, the San Diego floor experts, can help with cleaning and sealing services that will help restore and maintain your floor’s natural beauty.

IICRC Certified Technicians

The key to a better clean is the company you hire, and our IICRC certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you properly maintain your wood floors. Using the best techniques in the industry designed for your flooring type, we’ll help beautify and protect your investment, restoring it to that perfect shine.

Stop Attracting Dirt

Grabbing an off-the-shelf solution isn’t going to give you the results you want for very long. Instead, it will attract as much dirt as it originally repelled, putting your floors in far worse shape. Contact Silver Olas now for a free written estimate. We’ll help eliminate the dirt and grime on your floors, giving you polished results that will look amazing in the months to come.

Look forward to a cleaner floor. Contact Silver Olas today.

San Diego Wood Floor Cleaning Laminate Cleaning

Oceanside Wood Cleaning Specialist

Wood or Laminate  floors can make almost any home or office area look amazing, but they need a special cleaning to keep them in great shape for years to come. With our unique cleaning technology, we’ll not only help your floor look great now, we can ensure it retains that natural beauty in the years to come with our sealer which adds shine and a protective layer

By employing eco-friendly soaps and a unique fast-dry technique, you’ll not only get clean floors when you contact us, you’ll get them faster than ever. As IICRC certified technicians, we'll not only help you move the furniture before we get started, we'll also restore your wood floor to its natural beauty during the cleaning process too. Call us today for a free written estimate, and get on your way to a hardwood floor that can actually make your home or office look better than you'd ever imagined.

Wood Floor Cleaning San Diego & Laminate Cleaning San Diego

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or you just want it to look great on a continual basis, Silver Olas can help.  With IICRC certified technicians and some of the hottest techniques in the industry, Silver Olas can offer amazingly clean floors in a fraction of the time.

San Diego Wood  Cleaning  or Laminate  Cleaning  San Diego Process

  • Step 1: Sweep or vacuum loose soil
  • Step 2: Apply cleaning solution
  • Step 3: Machine scrub hardwood or laminate
  • Step 4: Extract soil with absorbent cotton towel

Wood Floor Sealing  –Laminate Sealing  Process

  • Step 1: Only After full cleaning process
  • Step 2: Final wipe down
  • Step 3: Apply  2 coats of sealer 
  • Step 4: Let Dry for 8 to 10 hours

Hand Oiled Wood Floors San Diego– Maintenance Oiling Checkup

  • Step 1: Sweep or vacuum loose soil
  • Step 2: Apply cleaning solution
  • Step 3: Extract soil with absorbent cotton towel
  • Step 4: Apply appropriate oil for your specialized wood

Silver Olas is a family-owned business that is local to the San Diego area. Their services encompass cleaning and restoration and specialize in many areas including wood floor cleaning. Each member of the Silver Olas staff is IICRC certified, meaning they are especially certified to clean and restore all different types of flooring at home or for the office.
General Services
The locally-owned company Silver Olas can provide services for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stone cleaning and polishing, and 24 hour water damage. They also specialize in wood floor cleaning and restoration. They also work with laminate floors as they do with wood floors.
Wood Floor Focus
Silver Olas takes seriously the need to have and maintain beautiful and healthy wood floors. Their services offer a thorough Wood cleaning and refinishing process that will beautify and protect wood floors. The family-owned business makes sure its services are excellent, and have had over fifteen years of experience cleaning and restoring wood floors.


Wood Floor Refinishing

Silver Olas reminds customers on their website that although wood floor care are often considered “hardwood floors,” they’re not always so hard. Small things can damage a wood floor take away its beauty and shine.  For instance, wood floors are susceptible to damage from scratches on wood from dirt and wearing shoes on the floor, table, chair, and furniture legs, toys and pets; these all cause some kind of damage to hard wood floors. Wood floor water damage is also a big problem that needs a proffesional. Silver Olas offers a solution and a guarantee.


Cleaning Laminate floors and Sealing Laminate

Silver Olas provides the same services to laminate floors as they do to woodfloors. Though not as common, laminate floors can be cleaned, treated, and restored by Silver Olas. The business is trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and provisions to get the job done fast and efficiently.
Two processes
To clean wood and laminate floors, Silver Olas goes through two processes to make sure the job is quality. Each job is thorough and done quickly with the best tools and technology. There is a cleaning process and a sealing process. The cleaning Process Is a machine scrub and wood floor buffing which removes all dirt and smears off of wood. For sealing wood floors or laminate floors we use a sealer that hardens and protects the wood floors and laminates. We seal wood floors and seal laminate floors with 2 coats of sealer. For certain floors like wood floors that need to be hand-oiled, Silver Olas provides a service for that, too.


Wood floor cleaning process

Silver Olas starts the wood cleaning and wood restoring process by cleaning the loose soil from the floor. This includes dirt, dust, and other smudges or surface damage. Next, the staff members apply cleaning solutions to the floor to deep clean caked-on or long-time dirt and grime.
The third step is using cleaning machines. These machines scrub the wood floors thoroughly and get down and dirty on the wood or laminate. The last step of the cleaning process includes using a special absorbent cotton towel to extract more soil from the floor area. This cleaning process leaves the floors looking immaculate—but they’re not done yet.

Wood floor sealing process

After the wood and laminate floors are cleaned thoroughly, Silver Olas moves on to the sealing process. Here’s where the shine comes in. Making sure that the surface is clean, the staff will do a final wipe down of the area to prepare it for a wood sealer. Once wiped down, not just one, but two coats of sealer are applied to the floor. This fast-dry sealer only takes 8-10 hours to dry completely. 

Special wood and laminate processes

Silver Olas knows about those wood floors that need some extra attention. That means hand-oiled wood floors. The business has a process for that, too. It is called the maintenance oiling checkup process.
Silver Olas once again removes the loose soil for cleaning San Diego hand-oiled wood floors. Cleaning solution is applied to remove further dirt and dust. To be extra thorough, even more soil is removed by using an absorbent cotton towel. Once the floor is immaculately clean, the staff will apply the oils necessary to the specialized wood floor.
Repeated processes
Silver Olas can provide simple fast services when needed. If a wood floor needs a new or extra coat of sealer, Silver Olas can do it. If a special wood floor simply needs another oiling, Silver Olas is trained to help. The business is local to San Diego and is located in many surrounding areas, and service is fast and readily available.
Why call Silver Olas?
Silver Olas does no ordinary cleaning job on wood floors and laminate floors. Their unique way of cleaning is specialized by their process and passion they put into the work. Both house and office can benefit from Silver Olas’s unique cleaning technology. The process makes the floor look great the moment it is cleaned, and keeps it looking that great for many years after. This is because the cleaning adds shine, and the protective layer of sealing guards the floor from future damage.
Whether selling a home or office space, or just trying to beautify it, Silver Olas can make the process fast and easy. The locally owned business of San Diego is friendly and family owned, and guarantees integral service and great care of your floors. Plus, they’ve been doing this for fifteen years.
Great Services
Other awesome services Silver Olas provides for cleaning and restoring wood floors is the moving of furniture. Before the process begins, the staff will help remove the furniture out of the room(s). The business also offers a free in-home estimate and you can even call for a free written estimate. Their promise is to restore your wood floor to look like its natural beauty.
More benefits
Silver Olas offers great services and the best deals. These experts clean, and they do it fast. Not only do they use a fast-dry technique to make their work efficient, it makes it that much faster. And, to top it off, Silver Olas uses eco-friendly solutions on the floors that reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that a typically released into the air and land from these procedures. Green Wood Cleaner
Even better, the staff of Silver Olas tapes off the edges and baseboards of the walls to protect them so they don’t get damaged during the cleaning and restoring process. Every service is thorough and efficient, and for the cleaning and sealing process, Silver Olas will add shine and protection on your wood floors. Results are seen immediately.

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Hardwood Flood Cleaning San Diego

Few things are as beautiful as hardwood floors the day they're installed, but after a few years, you may need a good hardwood floor refinishing service, and that's where Silver Olas comes in. The premier tile and floor cleaning service in the San Diego area, we specialize in hardwood floor services, including refinishing help that will bring new life to your wood floors, no matter how old they are. To learn more about what we can do to help make your home look amazing again, give us a call today. We'll be here for all of your floor cleaning and refinishing needs.