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How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning

Whether you live in Vista or Carlsbad, Oceanside to Carmel Valley, the decision to have a professional carpet cleaning is a sound one. You will see your carpets returned to a brighter, cleaner state. Although carpets may look clean, there is dirt and debris in the fibers. Carpet cleaning also removes allergens, pet dander, pet accidents, smoke, odors, spots and spills from your floors, which is essential for keeping the air as clean and safe as possible. Congratulate yourself on extending the life of your carpet and on keeping your family healthy and well.

What Should You Do?

Carpet Cleaning Process

To ensure that your carpet or rugs are cleaned as thoroughly as possible, Silver Olas will move small pieces of furniture, such as end tables, chairs, and coffee tables.  This is included in our fee to make this process as convenient as possible for you. If you have larger pieces, including sofas or standing shelves, you may move these items yourself or speak to us during our initial consultation so we can make arrangements. We will also remove loose dirt and debris by vacuuming your rugs or carpets to ensure that the cleaning process is thorough.

Little items, such as toys, books, clothing, and shoes should be removed from your carpeted surfaces. If you have pets or small children, the sound of vacuuming may startle or frighten them. It is a good idea if they are allowed to remain in a part of your home that is away from the noise so they are safe, comfortable and secure.  

Advanced  San Deigo Carpet Cleaning Techniques

We use advanced techniques and safe products to ensure that your home is clean, sanitary, and safe for you and your family. They are also very effective. Silver Olas offers larger vacuum hoses, Teflon super velocity vacuum glide, a sophisticated soil water recovery system, higher vacuum lift settings, and much more to help us remove more soil, and more water for FASTER drying times. Steam cleaning services provided by Silver Olas are now faster than ever with 1 to 3 hours to dry your carpets, rugs and furniture. We are among the two percent of carpet cleaning services which provide these services, meaning your carpets will look and feel better than ever. Guaranteed!!

Even so, we recommend that you snap a few photos of your carpet before we arrive.  This will help us identify stains or trouble spots. It also helps you: if you notice the return of a problem within thirty days, we will return and resolve it without charge.  We guarantee clean carpets, and should there be an issue, we remain committed to providing this to you. This is entirely optional but certainly beneficial.  

Faster Drying With 360-Degree Fans

Typical carpet cleaning services in Oceanside, Vista, Encinitas, Carlsbad and other locations throughout the country require that you remain off your carpets for at least twelve hours as they dry.  Our advanced 360-degree fans cut the drying time to only 1 to 3 hours, so you can run a few errands after cleaning and come home to a beautiful, dry, and clean carpet. Many times we can have the first room dry by the time we leave (kids play area, or family room, should you wish).  It is helpful to limit walking on the cleaned surfaces before dry by either leaving the house briefly or confining your activities to other rooms. Clean indoor socks or slippers when necessary to go on damp carpet. If your goal is to maintain and keep your carpets for a longer time, we recommend applying a carpet fiber protection to prolong excess wear and premature replacement

Oceanside Carpet Cleaners, Silver Olas

We strive to make this the most hassle-free convenient carpet cleaning experience you have ever had – not to mention the most effective and reliable. Call today for our free consultation. 

Carpet Cleaning San Diego

At Silver Olas, our carpet cleaning process is nothing short of unique, and the results are always simply amazing. Our services mean cleaner carpets, a cleaner home, and a far better air quality than you could ever imagine. We don't just offer carpet cleaning, though. We do so much more. We offer tile and stone cleaning, as well as mold removal services. In the event you have a water damage problem, we offer 24-hour emergency services to help make your house feel like a home again as quickly as possible. No matter what your needs may be, Silver Olas is here to help!