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Its winter, and that means youre probably spending a lot more time indoors than usual. Maybe youre sitting on your couch, or perhaps youre lounging on the floor in front of the fire with a hot cup of cocoa. Either way, its nice to have something soft underfoot—especially when it comes to your carpets.


But what if your carpets look dingy and dirty? Do you just vacuum them again? Unfortunately, vacuuming isnt enough to remove all of the dirt from your carpet—and even if it does get some dirt out, there are other things that can get trapped in your carpet fibers over time: bacteria, allergens, and impurities. And once those things have gotten into your carpets, they tend to stay there for a long time—unless you do something about it!


Bernards carpets were in dire need of a good cleaning, but he wasnt sure where to turn. He vacuumed every day, but it wasnt enough—the harmful bacteria that put his family and pets at risk just lingered on the fibers and got ground back into them with each step. He knew that professional carpet cleaning services were the only way to go.


When Bernard looked up "Carpet Cleaning Services" on the internet, he saw Silver Olas Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning. A family-owned business serving Carlsbad, CA, and the surrounding area for almost 15 years. Upon reading our reviews from Google, Facebook, and other sources, Bernard immediately contacted us about his needs and set up an appointment right away!


When we arrived at his home in Whiptail Loop within the hour (and before we even had time to finish our breakfast burritos), we already knew that we needed to thoroughly clean his carpets due to their high traffic level. Bernard was impressed with our service and said if he ever needs carpet cleaning services again—Silver Olas is on his speed dial!


Is a professional carpet cleaning service worth it?


We all know that our carpets need to be cleaned, and we do it as best we can. We vacuum every day, but the bacteria, allergens, and impurities dont just disappear into thin air. Theyre still there in your carpet fibers—and if you dont remove them completely, theyll build up over time and eventually damage your carpet and even your familys health.


When you buy a new carpet for your house (or office), its not just the cost of the carpet itself that you need to consider. You also have to think about how much it will cost in terms of maintenance and repairs over the years. Im sure youve heard this advice before: if youre going to invest thousands of dollars on a beautiful new piece of furniture or decor for your home or office space, be sure that it will last by paying for high-quality materials and construction.


The same philosophy applies when choosing your carpet cleaning service: invest in quality and longevity by hiring a reputable company with professional technicians who specialize in carpet cleaning. If your carpets are professionally cleaned every year or two, theyll last longer—and youll save money in repair costs later on! But another question would pop up if you do hire a professional, which is what would be the benefit? Well provide you with some reasons why you should consider hiring a pro for your carpets.


Professional carpet cleaning is more thorough


Just like a good haircut, we think that a job well done is the key to a pleasant carpet-cleaning experience. We want you to be happy as Bernard was, with the way your carpets look and feel after weve finished with them. 


First, we have access to high-quality cleaning products and equipment. For example, if you spill something on your carpet, you might be able to remove it with water and a little elbow grease—but if you want to keep that stain from returning, and your carpet from staining over time, theres a product called Scotchgard™ protector that will make it easier for you in the future. We also have an advantage over the average homeowner when it comes to steam cleaning: we have access (and knowledge) to how to use power tools, like steam cleaners, effectively. These tools help us get rid of stubborn stains and pet odors, saving you both time and money down the road. 


Finally, we always include vacuuming and spot cleaning as part of our service; we even pre-condition carpets before treating them with our truck-mount steam cleaner. This helps speed up drying times so you can come back into your house sooner—in most cases, its only an hour or two before the carpets are dry. Youll be amazed at how fresh theyll feel!


Your carpets will smell better

When youre a pet owner, you know that sometimes its hard to keep the odors from your pets from permeating your carpets. Its not just about how cute they are—its about how much they shed.


Bernard had 3 dogs that were very fluffy, and we knew from the moment we stepped into his home that it was going to be a challenge to get rid of the smells in his carpets. We told him to not worry: We have special methods and equipment that we use to loosen up dirt in his carpets and remove stains (and therefore smells) from them. 


So if the thought of having someone else clean your carpets makes you nervous because they might mess something up—dont worry! Youll get an excellent job done on all surfaces thanks to our expert equipment. Youll also notice a fresh scent when its over: professional cleaning services leave homes smelling fresh and clean!


Professional carpet cleaning is the best defense against pests


Bernard did not know that one of the biggest enemies to the health of his family and pet was right under his nose—literally. The carpeting in his home was infested with dust mites, microscopic arthropod that feeds on dead skin cells and lives in warm environments. Theyre a major cause of allergies and asthma but can live anywhere in the home in which people spend large amounts of time (which is why theyre so common in beds). Bernard also had another pest problem: small particles of food like Dorito dust or sugar that fall into your carpets, which can lead to cockroaches and bugs.


Bernard knew he had this problem and resolved it immediately by contacting us. Its important that a deep vacuum cleaning and other services are needed to remove this pest from your carpets. Another one would be small particles of food like Dorito dust or sugar that fall into your carpets, which can lead to cockroaches and bugs. Proper carpet cleaning is the best defense against any pests that may lurk in your carpets.



What is the most efficient method of carpet cleaning service?

We know that there are a variety of carpet cleaning techniques provided by other companies and that is their patented technique. No technique or method is the same, but what we do guarantee is customer satisfaction. Our customers always say that theyve never seen their carpet this clean since being bought and as Bernard said, he would call back, as they do. Silver Olas has been serving top-notch customer service for around 15 years and here is our efficient method of carpet cleaning service.


  • Protect baseboards & floors

  • Deep vacuum all carpets

  • Spot clean specialty spots ( pet stains, coffee, etc)

  • Pre-condition all carpets ( helps soil break down)

  • Machine scrub heavy traffic areas ( lifts pile/ loosens dirt)

  • Thorough truck-mounted steam cleaning

  • Deodorizer when needed

  • Special 360 fans to help carpets dry fast

  • Scotch guard (extra) and final grooming


If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, hopefully, this article has helped sway you in favor of it. Not only is it more thorough than what you could do at home, but your carpets will also smell better and be less hospitable to pests. And if efficiency is your main concern, know that there are many methods of professional carpet cleaning and we would be happy to discuss which option would work best for your needs. 

We also offer a variety of cleaning services, such as tile cleaning, stone renovation, upholstery cleaning, wood floor cleaning, and more around Carlsbad, CA. Contact us today!


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