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Oceanside Mold Remediation

Silver Olas is a carpet and Oceanside Emergency flood service company that is family owned, and locally operated in Oceanside, California. Their motto includes serving with integrity and excellence.

Find Help for Mold Removal

If your home or workspace has been affected by water damage, the best option is to look for professional help. Some people try to take care of it on their own, but the risks involved are worth consulting the experts. For one thing , most people can not properly dry the wet material and check with a moisture meter. Wet Carpet can take days to a week to dry ( it will smell at this rate) and wet drywall can be wet for many weeks ,especially since mold can develop on the inside of drywall in a matter of days when not properly dried. The cost of your health and property hang in the balance. Why call the MOLD professionals for help with water-damaged areas? The two main reasons are for safety and benefits for health and property.


The effects of water damage can pose serious health risks for families or other persons living or working in a water-damaged space. Allergy-like symptoms are likely to occur in water-damaged areas where mold has had an opportunity to set in and grow. If these problems are not taken care of, long-term health issues could include serious health damage not to mention the serious drawback when selling for a house that has mold damage and has not been professionally remediated by a Oceanside Mold Remediation expert Like Silver Olas

Property Damage By Mold And Water Damage

Water damage in a home or office lowers the value of the property. It also may prove detrimental to the health of those who live or work in those water-damaged areas, potentially causing liability issues. The smallest water leak could prove the biggest mold invasion. Know how to spot a potentially water-damaged area.

Recognize the Mold Problem

Ways to recognize Oceanside water damage and Mold Risks. If you can recognize it, you can prevent major consequences in the future. And, the sooner you recognize the problem, the sooner you can get it fixed.

  • Pipes. If you notice leaks in your drains or anywhere along your plumbing, this is a sign that water damage is occurring. If your sinks or toilets are clogging, water damage is likely to be seen.
  • Leaky Roof. If a roof is not built or repaired effectively, water damage is likely, especially during times of rainstorms or other weather storms. Rain Damage and Roof leaks are really important to address professionally
  • Overflow. In any water basin such as sinks or tubs, there is a potential for water overflow. Especially toilet overflow. This can contain contaminates that need to be addressed by a trained water damage specialist
  • Appliances. Issues with appliances can also cause water damage. Watch out for overflow issues with water-using machines like washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Weather. Rainstorms, hurricane season, floods, or any of these extreme weather situations pose a high risk for water damage. This risk tends to be higher for those living near the ocean.

Learn more about this Oceanside Mold Remediation company.

Silver Olas Is fully insured for water damage and mold remediation. This type of service requires a special dedicated pollution insurance that we carry. Silver Olas also is Mold Certified Company and can provide Mold Testing in Oceanside. Silver Olas provides services that extend far beyond just Water Damage Remediation , but if a simple cleaning is all you need, they provide that service quickly and efficiently.

Jobs they cover include:

  • Carpet cleaning and care
  • Upholstery cleaning and care
  • Area Rug cleaning
  • Tile, stone and grout cleaning
  • Stone cleaning and polishing
  • Mold Damage Restoration
  • Fast 24 hour water damage Restoration
  • Fast 24 hour flood services

Who runs the Emergency Service show?

Silver Olas is a family-owned carpet and flood company that has been around since 1995 when the business started. With that fifteen years of experience, the employees work to improve the way they handle carpet and flood situations. The specially-trained flood-service technicians are always on call. Every member of the team is IICRC certified.

What is IICRC?

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The Silver Olas company has earned this certification and continues to uphold its standards. The company is a licensed general contractor, and every cleaning staff member is fully IICRC certified and trained in mold remediation.


The Silver Olas company goes through a thorough process on every job, whether it’s simply cleaning carpet or restoring water-damaged areas. The process of cleaning or restoring any water-damaged areas includes assessment, preparation, cleaning, hazard removal, water removal, and restoration.


The first step the company will take to help with the situation is to assess the damage and determine what will be done. Free in-home estimates are a courtesy of the company. This is good incase you are unsure if there is water damage, or if there really is no problem and you just wanted to make sure.


The preparation involved in repairing any water damage includes bringing in equipment, removing barriers, hazards, and excess water. The company takes time to plastic off an area to prevent more damage from spreading. Any moldy materials will be removed, including drywall, affected carpet areas, and even wooden installations like cabinets and drawers.

Mold Cleaning

After the preparation stage, every surface is cleaned and disinfected. Along with cleaning and disinfecting comes filtering. A HEPA air filter is used to “scrub” the air to remove any moldy particles.

Why HEPA? The benefits of using a HEPA air filter are simple. HEPA is rated as a leading air purifier that eliminates harmful particles in the air and multiplying the purity of the air. It has some of the best reviews around the world.


Silver Olas completes their services by fully restoring the affected area. Reconstruction of the area is done in a time-efficient manner.

Finishing Touches

Not only is a 30-day guarantee given for all services provided, but Silver Olas will actually contact a separate company and order a “mold clearance test” to assure you that all the mold has been properly taken care of. The company is fully insured and bonded, therefore the risks are low while the benefits remain high.


A variety of equipment is used to restore damaged areas. Drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and fans are used. In fact, Silver Olas uses a fan that turns 360 degrees and blows out air over the carpet of up to 40 miles per hour. Air scrubbers like the HEPA filter are used as well as steam carpet extractors and technologically-advanced vacuums. Other varying equipment may be used for deconstruction and reconstruction.


Silver Olas is located in Oceanside, California. There are over 24 other locations in California they service including Carlsbad water damage , Solana Beach, LaJolla, Encinitas, Vista, Escondido, San Diego, Pacific Beach, and La Mesa. Visit the website for more locations and other information.

Extra Info

Check out Silverolas.com and search for more information. Their internet website provides things like photos, directions on what to do if a water leak has occurred, a six-step guide for a flood damage emergency, and other similar services. See before and after images, and access contact information.