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Turn To Silver Olas for Mold Testing in San Diego

In many cases, mold testing is performed as a result of a big event. For instance, if flooding cased waters to enter a property, there will often be a request for mold testing to ensure that the waters didn’t cause mold to grow around the foundation, in the floors, or in the walls of the home or office. In other cases, broken pipes or leaking roofs are the reason for the call for mold testing. San Diego residents can have these types of leaks for many days, weeks, or even months without realizing it. It isn’t until the water causes staining on ceilings or wall, or it begins to drip in a more obvious area of the space that it is detected. That timeline is more than ample enough to allow for the growth of mold.

How Will You Know If You Have Mold?

It isn’t always water-related issues that lead to home or office building owners to call Silver Olas for mold testing. San Diego is home to many residents who suffer with severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses. When these symptoms begin to flare up whenever the sufferer enters a particular space, it can be an indication that mold is growing nearby.

Mold is highly irritating to the lungs and respirator system. For healthy teens and adults, this may lead to no noticeable symptoms. But, for the very young, the elderly, and those suffering with respiratory conditions, mold is event more hazardous. For this reason, it is important to discover any presence of mold in the spaces occupied by such individuals, and to remove the spores as quickly and completely as possible. Silver Olas is prepared to come to the rescue.

How Mold Testing Works

Mold tests can be set up throughout the home. The small mold traps attract any spores in the air and provide a suitable environment for their growth. After a pre-defined length of time, the tests are inspected and if mold has formed, it is a strong indication that mold is present elsewhere in the space. This is a good indication that the pros at Silver Olas should be called to inspect walls, floors, basements, and attics for signs of mold. The experts won’t just look for mold spores that need to be removed, but will also seek out potential water sources that would have provided the humidity needed for mold growth. It could be the leaking pipes or a roof in need of repair, as mentioned above. It could also be a bad seal around a bathtub or window, or it could simply be that the humidity levels in the basement are just too high. Once the source of moisture is discovered, the mold can be cleaned up, any necessary repairs can be made, and, if needed, a dehumidified can be set up in the space.